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Does Branding Enhance the Users Experience?

Sitting on a plane headed home in that end of trip fog, tired, glad to be headed home to family and at the same time I’ll be missing eating out and having someone else make my bed. I took note that on this trip a strong brand really did make for a better experience for me. Let’s start with a …

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Be smart when using intellectual property

All companies use the creative property of others sometimes, they have to, time and budget constraints don’t allow for an illustrator or photographer on every project. But do they always read the small print on those user agreements? They should, intellectual property is something that needs to be respected. Here are some excerpts of fine print. iStock Content License Agreement: …

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Postcards are Popular

I’ve been doing a lot of postcards lately, but not all of them are for mailing. Postcards are popular at trade shows, job fairs. Maybe it’s because they are so easy to get them printed on even a meager budget. Possibly it’s the smaller size that’s easier to hang on to at a show. Whatever the reason postcards can be …

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