Apple made me a Fanboy

Customer service is a wonderful thing when you come across a good example. I had a customer service experience with Apple recently that explains why they are rapidly becoming the number one computer company.

Many designers and creative people prefer Apple Macintosh computers. I count myself as one of them. I’m on my fourth Macintosh, I own an iPod and we have an iPad in the house. My Third Mac, a MacBook Pro, was a bit of challenge. It had two screens replaced, an airport card, (Apples Wi-Fi card), and a logic board, (mother board) and there may have been something else that I have forgotten. All of these repairs took place over a two and half year period. Finally it was going to need a second logic board and I contacted Apple. They listened to my story and looked at the repair history and decided that I had been through enough and offered me a replacement. Not just any replacement though, a brand new MacBook Pro with the new unibody. Same ram—but it’s newer and improved, same speed processor—but the cache is bigger, same speed hard drive—but twice as big because they don’t sell them as small as my old one, and my matte monitor—which had to be special ordered. I was ecstatic, needless to say, but then they did something I never expected. They prorated the 6 months left on my extended warranty toward the purchase of an extended warranty for the new laptop. SO I have a brand new computer with a three year warranty.

On a side note, I don’t know if you believe in extended warranties or not, but mine saved my butt on this computer and if there is anything that is going to get some abuse, it’s a laptop.

It’s this type of service that’s going to keep me coming back to apple every time I need a new computer, or anything else Apple. I’ve been eyeing that Apple TV for a while now, just need a really good freelance design job.