Dropbox, you gotta love free stuff that works!

Okay I am pitching something that will benefit me, (it will get me a little more free space), but I’m really doing it because it’s just a really great product. When I sent my computer in to be repaired recently I had Dropbox set up and had access to my critical files on the loaner Mac I was using, my Phone, and my wife’s iPad.

If your not using Dropbox your missing out. It is a syncing tool and it is one of my favorite things a friend at work has told me about, (Thanks Brannon). Let me tell you what it does, and then if you want to try it and you click this link we both get a little extra space.

It sits on my Apple menu bar and in the menus on my Mac. I can grab things like links, photos, notes and toss them in my dropbox and I will have them on my Android Phone, iPad, iPhone, other computes, windows, Mac, Linux etc. It’s cool, but that’s not the best part.

I use 1Password, (another favorite program of mine), to manage all my passwords and secure notes. I put the 1Password database file in my Dropbox folder. So every time I add a password it is automatically updated on my my phone etc. Cool huh? Anything that saves to a file or database that you set the location of can be set up this way, CDfinder, possibly iTunes and iPhoto, but I haven’t tried.

It also gives me a separate folder for people to come grab stuff from me, like files for a client or printer. I hardly use my FTP site anymore. I don’t think it lets people upload to your Dropbox, my FTP site would go away if it did that.

Okay here’s the best part, 2gigs for free, more if you sign other people up. I love this thing. Sign Up!

Oh, if your already using it, be sure to go hit the “Getting starting” link from the website, you might get a little more space for free.