Mission Statement

We use our combined to do the very best for our Clients and their brands

YAD values.


A successful project starts with clear concise communication. Goals and expectations discussed until the scoop of the project is understood by all.

the best for your brand

We do design because we want to be designers making art. Your brand is what matters, while we love making art, doing what is best for your brand is priority one.


We want to honest in everything we do so that you can see the value in what we are doing for you and your brand.


We are making art, that is a fun thing to do. Our art makes a difference in your business. It should be fun for everyone, if we aren't having fun why do it.

About Kenton


Kenton Smith is a seasoned graphic designer that began his career in Santa Monica, California as a paste-up artist in a small print shop. While attending design college, Kenton’s professors were so impressed by his skill and creativity that they hired him to work in their design studio—the only student given this opportunity.

Over his career, Kenton has worked in the hobby and craft, high-performance computing, signal processing, sportswear, entertainment industries, home automation and more.

Your Art Director is the culmination of his knowledge and expertise put to work for you to make your company’s brand stronger.